Infest 2017: Wulfband CONFIRMED!

The wait is finally over and we’re very pleased to confirm the first act for INFEST 2017: WULFBAND!

Wulfband have made their mark as THE energetic live band of the moment on the alternative scene. They take EBM back to what Nitzer Ebb did in the 80s and serve hard, minimalistic and aggressive electro – and judging by the full on physical dance floor action they inspire at their live shows this is something many have longed for.

Wulfband’s sound is much more dirty and chaotic than that of many of their predecessors and peers, with harsh rhythms and eccentric tempos that leave audiences breathless and bruised after the shows – mentally and physically.

Their self-titled debut album is an explosion of energy with ingenious breaks in the midst of primal aggression. These guys know their craft and how best to use it.

Live they are truly in their element – few bands match their performance in terms of pure energy.

A somewhat eerie singer/agitator whips the audience into a frenzy with explosive gestures and barked out orders. Next to him, a balaclava clad drummer, punishes the drums execution style. Their undisclosed identities pave the way for myths surrounding the band that are becoming more and more intense, with many creative suggestions as to the true individuals behind the masks. Whoever they are they know how to make us move and strike at our very cores!

They put the body back into EBM and they define it as raw, sweaty and dirty.