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Artist announcements coming soon!


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Artists 2021

IAMX – UK – !!Exclusive Live Streamed Set!!
Chris C will be performing live an exclusive improvised studio workout from his upcoming modular album Machinate
This should be very special!
“Be a good modern altruist and join us. Mmwwah!”


A PLACE TO BURY STRANGERS – US – !!Exclusive set recorded in the USA!!
“The Motorhead of shoegaze”… “the loudest band in New York”… “sonic terrorists”… reference points including Pornography-era Cure, early Ride, Lou Reed, My Bloody Valentine, and pre-1990s Jesus and Mary Chain… they have supported NIN… we like to push the boundaries a bit… this may be well over the boundary and out the park but we love them at Infest HQ!!


PORTION CONTROL – UK – !!Exclusive SEED set!!
Portion Control have been creating pure electronic dissonance for techno industrial pilgrims since 1980, rising as pioneers from the UK industrial electronics scene.
Don’t miss this exclusive one off set based on the recent SEED EP releases!


DSTR – DE – !!Remastered selection of great tunes!!
Fronted by Daniel Myer and not giving a damn about conventional approaches or categories DSTR are electronic, versatile and straight to the point creating a mind blowing musical journey as they hop through different styles.
DSTR break all the conventions on this journey!


EMPATHY TEST – UK – !!Exclusive acoustic set recorded in Linz!!
Empathy Test’s “big dramatic sound swoons ecstatically between the nostalgic and immediate” (KCRW), earning them comparisons with classic acts such as Depeche Mode and A Flock of Seagulls, as well as modern synth-pop acts like CHVRCHES, Purity Ring and Hurts.
Don’t miss this exclusive acoustic set!


SHIV-R – AU – !!Exclusive set recorded in Australia!!
Shiv-R continue to push for musical evolution and self-expression, presenting their project with a provocatively dark, lace-filtered visual style, to create a result that is altogether monstrously seductive.


WITCH OF THE VALE – UK – !!Debut album ‘Commemorate’ out NOW!!
Witch of the Vale are Erin and Ryan, an unsettling electronic duo from the serene shores of Loch Lomond and the remote Outer Hebridean Isles.
The duo are best identified by their haunting vocal style coupled with harmonic synths to produce a performance both compelling and tortured.


BYRONIC SEX & EXILE – UK – !!New Album ‘Unrepentant Thunder” Launch!!
A project formed by Joel Heyes (Action Directe/Quasimodo/1919) in 2015, committed to reconnecting goth music to its romantic and revolutionary roots and the cultural legacy of the gothic. Musically epic the project deals with themes of passion, insurrection, and doomed personal ambition.Expect new and old BS&E tracks, as well as the odd recustomised cyber classic!


RED MEAT – UK – !!Debut Live Show!!
Founded in 2020, this straddles the gap between 90s wax trax sensibilities, and techno based rhythms and has already taken Bandcamp by storm charting #1 in the industrial, electronic body music AND industrial techno charts.
Don’t miss out on this heavy, over the top and uncompromising rhythmic assault on the ears combined with a proudly queer aesthetic.


BIOMECHANIMAL – UK – !!London Industrial Kids!!
Biomechanimal are a genre-smashing act mixing harsh vocals with massive bass design, euphoric leads, and pounding kick drums. The act have toured the UK multiple times, but are most often found in the Slimelight, their home stomping ground, and have played shows with Covenant, Hocico, Aesthetic Perfection, and many more.
Expect something very hard and very heavy!


NOISOME – AU – !!Dance Music for the Doomed Generation.!!
Emerging from the wastelands left by the coal industry in Gippsland, Australia Noisome create techno and breakcore tracks blending the rawness of noise and post-industrial genres.
In 2021, Noisome signed to Manchester electronic label Drøne for the debut release of the ‘Darkest Days’ EP a social critique that confronts the listener both thematically and sonically, and cements the project as a new and uncompromising force in electronic music.


BONE CULT – UK – !!Nottingham Newcomers!!
Bringing a heavier sound to their energetic live set, their music appeals to fans of The Prodigy, Nine Inch Nails and Health. Using a combination of distinctive masks and body art, their set is a unique experience.
Be prepared for a relentless sonic assault!


SPANK THE NUN – US – !!USA Master Collaborators!!
If Claus Larsen of the mighty Leatherstrip says this it’s good enough for us!
“I had great fun mixing this release for the SPANKTHENUN. I feel I have a connection in the way they approach their songwriting. A “punky” sort of way, spontaneous, positive, and a focus on the energy and beat. I see a great future for them.”


TAPEWYRM – UK – !!Brutal, violent, relentless and disturbing!!
A seething pit of noise, tribal rhythms, distortion and much unpleasantness.
What Tapewyrm lacks in professional sheen and lengthy experience, it more than makes up for in brutality, distortion, beat and aggression.
Tapewyrm is aggressive, unpleasant and hard to shake off once you find it
Or it finds you.


LA RISSA – UK – !!Local rising star!!
Championed by BBC Introducing, tipped as Ones to Watch 2021, La Rissa are a dark-wave duo making spooky synth pop in a dim little attic in Leeds.
We are thrilled to be hosting their 80’s electronic analogue synth production and powerful socio-political vocals with big nostalgic beats on the Infest stage.


ZEITGEIST ZERO – UK – !!Live on Stage!!
Industrial goth fused with powerful vocals and gritty electronics
Based in Leeds their sound is a combination of heavy guitars and industrial electronics and their unique music and dark style have received much favourable press coverage, including BBC Radio 6, Sonic Seducer and Devolution.
Heavy but fun we are thrilled to be hosting ZZ on the Infest stage again!


SCENE COVER – UK – !!Exclusive debut live on stage performance!!
Scenecover is an attempt to perform acoustic takes on classic and well known Goth, Industrial and EBM tracks. Tracks are broken down and re-constructed using piano and vocal arrangements, resulting in minimal covers of favourite tracks. Not to be missed!


NIGHTMARE FREQUENCY – UK – !!Live streamed set from Edinburgh!!
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