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Disabled / Accessibility

Ticket / Wristband Queries


Where is Infest festival located?

  • – The venue is the University of Bradford Students’ Union, in the City of Bradford, West Yorkshire, BD7 1DP, UK.
  • – For sat-nav purposes, try BD7 1SA or BD7 1SR.

Is the event outdoors or indoors?

  • – Infest is an indoors event, with an outside smoking and catering area.
  • – Sorry, no camping is permitted!


When does the Infest Festival take place?

  • – This years event runs for 3 days, starting this year on Friday 23rd August 2019
  • – The event opens on Thursday evening. Precise times to be confirmed.
  • – Check the Schedule page for up to date details.

Is the venue shared with any other events at the same time?

  • – No.  During the festival, the entire venue is dedicated to Infest.


Can I park onsite at the University during the festival?

  • – We will confirm the specific times permitted and any known charges via the Parking page, so please check that page in advance of your arrival.
  • – It is your sole responsibility to ensure you are permitted to park. Read any signage and obey it or you risk being clamped or fined etc.
  • – Infest Festival / Terminal Productions will not be held responsible for any loss or damage howsoever caused.

What Disabled / Accessibility facilities are in the venue?

  • – Please get in touch for specific details and to discuss your needs.
  • – If you have an Assistance Dog of any kind, please get in touch to let us know in advance if possible.
  • – Email details are on the Contact page.

Ticket / Wristband / ID Queries?


Do I have to print my eticket?

You don’t *have* to print your ticket but phone screens are not as good for scanning because they can be shiny or sometimes screen protectors can be scuffed or not very clear.

If your phone doesn’t read very well you might suffer a bit of a delay and we may ask you to step out of line while we manually key in your ticket number.

If you can print, please do. It will help you get in faster.


I forgot my ticket

If you don’t have the official print-at-home eticket, you should expect to be asked for proof of ID.

If you can show the eticket on your phone that will probably help.

If you purchase cannot be verified then you will have to buy a new ticket.

Is you are prone to forgetfulness, buy online via Gigantic. They have sales records.


Do I need ID to get in?

We will not be checking ID as a matter of course unless security deem it necessary.

From a ticketing point of view, if your name does not appear on your print-at-home eticket, you should ensure you are in communication with the named person in case of any issues.


Do I need ID / proof of age to buy alcohol?

Bar staff may challenge you to prove your age at any time when buying alcohol. If you are lucky enough to look young, you should probably bring ID to avoid disappointment.

The venue are likely to be enforcing the Wine & Spirit Trade Association “challenge 25” scheme (or similar), so as in any licensed bar you should carry ID as a matter of course if you think you might be challenged.


I’m worried about losing my passport / driving licence or don’t have any other form of ID.

If you don’t want to risk bringing your passport or driving license as proof of ID, we recommend that you obtain alternative proof of age card such as

Citizen Card
Validate UK Card
MyID Card

The venue are likely to be enforcing the Wine & Spirit Trade Association “challenge 25” scheme (or similar), so as in any licensed bar you should carry ID as a matter of course if you think you might be challenged.


Do I need to carry ID all the time at the event?

Once you have your festival wristband on, you can expect to not have to show ID again at the door, unless security staff deem it necessary.

The Licensee however may spot check at any time, so if you’re prone to being asked to prove your age, please keep your ID handy.


I bought a ticket from someone I met online. Is that OK?

I bought a ticket from a secondary ticket agent like Viagogo, Seatwave, Stubhub, GetMeIn.

If you have bought a ticket from someone whom you don’t know, you should ask yourself how many other copies they have sold. If the ticket is showing as “already entered” then you *will* need to buy a new one. No exceptions!

Please do not support the secondary ticket market.


I have a genuine looking print-at-home eticket but the box office staff say it has already be used.

Printed tickets can be cloned. Your barcode is unique. If it had already been used then you will have to buy a new ticket. No exceptions

Don’t share photos of your tickets on social media!