Infest 2020: DSX Confirmed!

DSX is a duo from Germany who create hard hitting, minimal body music.

Initially a solo project started back in 2012, founder Dejan Samardzic had two decades under his belt as part of Haujobb. Fast forward to 2019 and vocalist Aleta Welling (who guested on Wumpscut’s “Fear in Motion”) became a permanent member of the band bringing emotive and strong vocals to Dejan’s rigid, beat-driven body music.

Soviet Synthesizer

Both EP releases so far “Anonymous” and “Soviet Synthesizer”, as well as a 2017 collaboration with Sid Lamar of Schwefelgelb (on the 12” release titled “90°”) have shown how far Dejan Samardzic was ahead of the curve on the Techno Body Music / Industrial crossover sound, when he initiated DSX.

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Pinpoint (feat. Aleta Welling)

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An exacting, minimal analogue sound and an exploration of strong, beat-driven body music that makes the most of a deliberately sparse toolset.

Thick, punchy analogue basslines and meaty kicks propel their music, with gated-percussion firing off with military precision. Add cold war era dialogue samples and vocals like a military air strike!

Cold War era samples…

With this style of music there is an adherence to fundamentals, reducing body music to its most basic form. Using modulation and deceptively complex delays and reverb plates, to build out a track’s structure. These tersely arranged elements can evoke a sense of uncanny unease just as readily as they ignite the dancefloor – It feels like Samardzic has an unnatural understanding of this!

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Shifted (feat. Zoé Zanias)

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Listen out for Berlin house artist Jennifer Touch who lends icy and arching whispers and high-register punches. Conbine it with the impassive and echoing vocals of Aleta Welling and some yowling from The Horrorist for good measure. The collaborations come thick and fast! Check out the videos here…

Hypnotic, Clockwork Beats!

DSX crosses genres and styles in ways that are simultaneously agitating and instinctive. The mileage Samardzic gets from his clockwork beats and industrial groans is proof positive of skill, acquired through decades of studio work and brought to bear just in time for the rest of the electronic world to catch up.

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Demoniac (feat. Emily Steigerwald)

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