INFEST 2022 – Car Parking & Cash

Hey everyone!

With only two weeks to go until the return of INFEST FESTIVAL we want to give you the heads up about car parking and paying for things at the show.


Just like the last couple of years, we’re asking everyone coming by car to print and display a simple parking pass so that the university security team know you’re attending the festival. Full info about parking is here.


We know you’re all saving your pennies for the alternative market and merchandise!

Good news: the bars and official merch will be accepting cards, as well as some traders

Bad news: some traders and artist merchandise really need you to pay by cash, please.

…we’re working on solutions to help you give charity donations, and to help visiting artists accept payments by card, but as you can imagine, it’s complicated.

The venue ATM cash machine will NOT be in service, so please bring some old school cash with you, for your shopping needs.

Thanks for your understanding.


The Infest Crew