INFEST 2022 – Checklist

We know lots of you are packing, planning and plotting for the weekend!

Here’s a handy list to help make sure you don’t forget the essentials…

Don’t forget:

You’re going to need bedding and loo roll if you’re in halls

Print your parking pass if you want to park your car at the University / venue / halls.

Print your festival eticket. If you forget it isn’t a disaster, but you’ll get in quicker with a printed barcode.
Can’t find your booking confirmation? Email Gigantic via

Bring photo ID if there’s any chance you might have your age checked.
It would be a shame to come all the way to Infest and get turned away at the bar!

Be prepared for bag checks on entry. This is just standard for safety reasons, so please be ready.

Buy a ticket for the Warm-up Party on Thursday night, with Solar Fake, Auger, Seadrake, Form and Dawn of Elysium!

Bring cash for merch
Bring cash for the market
Bring cash for charity donations
Bring a payment CARD for the bar!
…did we mention that you need to bring cash? BRING CASH 🙂

What else are you going to bring to INFEST 2022?