Confirmed: Leæther Strip!

Leæther Strip will bring their electronic mayhem to Infest 2016!

Practically the biggest influence for aggrotech, futurepop, and all other forms of post-millennial EBM. These sub-genres can all be traced back to Claus Larsen of Leaether Strip and what he has brought to the EBM and industrial table.

Harrowing, orchestral tunes filled with marching beats and operatic keys. Hard-hitting minimalistic floorkillers, chock full of beats and bass with snarling choruses.

Brooding electro-industrial tracks with deep, plodding synths and smokestack-coughing electronics, overlain with tormented vocals…

Tracks that are simultaneously aggressive and introspective and still electrify industrial dance floors and influence artists across the world.

We present the mighty Leaether Strip:

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Click here to book your festival tickets.