Infest 2016 Charity Collection Counts!

The final count is in:

This year the Infest charity collection has been the MOST SUCCESSFUL EVER!

Well done everyone, together we have raised a massive:


The individuals charity counts where as follows:

£1,600.00 – Congential Myotonic Dystrophy Fight Fund
£1,451.00 – Lymphoma Association
£1,395.00 – Guide Dogs

We would like to reiterate our huge thanks to the bands, sponsors, traders and friends who donated prizes. In particular: Storming The Base, Barr Soft Drinks, Ant Acid Art, Jägermeister and Seventh Sun (Woolwich).

Thank you to all of our ticket holders who entered the charity raffle, everyone who met with our very own Dr Tixylix and his bevy of beauties, to all of the official festival guests who paid into the collection tins and those who partook of the Irn Bru hangover cure.

As always infest matched the total donations and threw in a bit extra.

We are proud to have helped these organisations and we are very proud of you and your generosity!

Thank You – You Rock!

Remind yourself who we supported this year and why:

Lymphoma Association

Celebrating 10 years remission for the lovely Tim (aka Attack Monkey), part of the awesome Infest volunteer crew, we raised cash this year for the Lymphoma Association to help in the fight against what is the fifth most likely cancer, and one that particularly affects the younger population.

Congenital Myotonic Dystrophy Fight Fund

After their son was diagnosed, long time Infest traders Emma-Jayne and Pete (aka Heresy) are raising funds for the Congenital Myotonic Dystrophy Fight Fund, to help fund research and awareness into this neuromuscular, multi-systemic, muscle wasting genetic disorder which can affect every single part of the body.

Guide Dogs

Long time Infest supporters, John-E-Smoke and the mighty JJ #gothguidedog (the black beast!), once again attended this year’s event helping to raise awareness of the issues for those with impaired sight and the work of the Guide Dogs organisation.