Infest 2017: They Called Him Zone CONFIRMED!

Local Bradford Boys They Called Him Zone hit the Infest stage!

Formed in Bradford, UK in 2016 the band is Mik Davis (vocals, programming) and Steve Maloney (guitar, programming, vocals). Live they are joined onstage by John Bradford, who performs on keyboards and percussion.

Their approach combines a love of post-punk abrasiveness and electronic experimentation with a pop sensibility, albeit one at the darker end of the spectrum.

The music of They Called Him Zone combines sultry electronica with chewed-up, modulated guitars evoking rain-drenched, neon-daubed streets, proscribed chemicals, and black-clad malcontents wearing mirror shades after dark. And it’s always dark where they come from…!

Their highly acclaimed debut EP ‘Miami’, appeared in early 2016 receiving global airplay and plays on BBC Introducing. A new six track mini-album titled ‘Crow Swan Wolf’ is due for release 20th February 2017.

“… a band creating stunning work whereby they have taken the choice cuts of the past and welded them to the present… ”
– James Fleming, Modern Retro Magazine.

“This is a great, well-crafted album that explores man’s darker sensibilities with imaginative use of electronic synthesizers and artful instrumentation…”
– Jeff, Eclectic Music Lover.

“Whether a conscious decision or not, ‘Crow Swan Wolf’ may just be the perfect sound track to the world we find ourselves going into…”
– Dave Franklin, Dancing About Architecture.

“A fantastically dark work of genius…”
– Andrew Barclay, Cool Manchester.

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