Infest 2017: Riotmiloo CONFIRMED!

Cathartic Industrial Electronics…

“The consequences of confrontation must be borne by those who struggle, and these are the realities which so often escape outsiders.” Soon-Young Yoon

French Artist Riotmiloo’s musical roots come from riotgrrrl’s screams and protest.

Lead singer of the London garage punk band Venom Seeds, Riotmiloo was eager to experiment with different musical genres and has collaborated with numerous electronic, industrial and techno artists to records such tracks as “Slogan” with Millimetric ,“The Magma of War” with Philipp Münch, “Dead Fucking Desire” with ESA and “Vicious Death_Drowning Memories” with HIV+ all leading to her first concept album, “La Pierre Soudée” released on Ant-Zen.

Collaborating with some of the most influential electronic artists such as Dirk Ivens and Chrysalide.

Creating an emotional journey ranging from melancholic dark ambient soundscapes, to crushing rhythms and noise. A careful selection of past and present real life stories documenting women’s suffering in the world. Releases including a title borrowed from French sociologist Pierre Bourdieu’s book ‘Masculine Domination’, in which he describes how language defines and perpetrates symbolic violence against women.

Riotmiloo’s debut album expands on this idea through story telling:

Exploring different sounds, textures and rhythms she creates an emotional journey that is in turn melancholic or intense. From the slow hypnotic opening title track which features Eva|3, the mournful trip-hop influenced ‘Child Bride’ with New Zealand’s Scalper and anthemic ‘Freedom from Fear’ with Babylone Chaos, to the uncompromising collaboration with Chrysalide ‘I Was Once’ and distorted power electronics ‘Monster’ featuring Philipp Münch, each song displays the strong personality of the artist involved while contributing to the cleverly crafted narrative. ‘The Welded Stone’ concludes the album by conveying the concept of a cold entity forcefully shut or fused to its surroundings while reminding us that it affects us all, we are all welded stones…

Besides covering all facets of contemporary industrial music, attentive listeners will be captivated by the exceptional and emotional lyrics.

Combine this with an intense stage presence and Riotmiloo’s industrial and electronic sounds create performances that are powerful, moving and energetic.

See this cathartic and hypnotic experience at Infest!


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