Infest 2017: Chemical Sweet Kid CONFIRMED!

If Christian Death and Marilyn Manson had an electro-industrial project together, it would probably sound like Chemical Sweet Kid.

The band evolves in the slightly quirky yet dark atmosphere of a dancing universe. Gloomy and melodic at the same time, the power of the songs comes with an ominous atmosphere and distorted beats, all of this cradled by the voice of Julien Kidam, sometimes aggressive sometimes quiet, but always angry and obscure.

Atmosphere is something that this band have plenty of… Thick with a mixture of dirge-like bass synths, haunting heavily reverbed piano and a very dynamic light/shade approach to song-writing.

After their first album ‘Tears Of Pain’ which was self released in 2011, the German label Danse Macabre published ‘Broken Wings’ in 2012. In that second album the dark electro is violently merged with rock guitar riffs, which subsequently developed further on the 2015 release ‘The Speed Of Time’.

The band really expresses itself with energetic stage shows and have supported bands such as Hocico, The Young Gods and Punish Yourself. They have performed at festivals like Dark Munich Festival, Dark Castle Festival and Donkey Rock. The band have been reviewed and interviewed in the most important magazines and websites of the alternative European scene (Zillo, Sonic Seducer, Orkus…)

Developing their unique sound, their new album is due out soon.

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Stay tuned, you have not heard the last of Chemical Sweet Kid!

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