Infest 2017: Noyce™ CONFIRMED!

Noyce™ produce music with the charm of eighties pop-songs, re(de)fining it with their very own typical soundstyle, to reach perfection in modern independent songwriting, where melodies become hymns!

Noyce™ produce what they call “Headpop”.

They have supported well known bands, like VNV Nation on their Empires tour and Diary of Dreams on the N43 tour, and plenty of other acts like Crüxshadows and ASP, to name but a few.

Noyce™ have played many of the important scene festivals, like M’era Luna, Wave Gotik Treffen, Blackfield Festival, Autumn Moon, Summer Darkness, plus a host of pop festivals like NRW Tag 2016, and now they play the UK’s Infest Festival!

Their new album “Love Ends” will be released in Spring 2017 and will be produced by John Fryer (HIM, Clan of Xymox, Nine Inch Nails) and Krischan Wesenberg (Rotersand).

Noyce™ is an excellent example of how electro pop music can (or should) sound today!

An elegant electro wave…


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