Infest 2018: This Morn’ Omina CONFIRMED!

Formed in 1996 by Mika Goedrijk, This Morn’ Omina has often been credited with being the inventor of the genre “Tribal Industrial”, although in their own words they call their art “Ritual Musik.”

Known for their individualistic style using ethnic rhythms combined with driving techno-industrial beats and psy-trance elements, this Belgian outfit were catapulted into global recognition with the club hit “One-Eyed Man” in 2003, one of the most played classic tracks in the underground music culture.

Joined in 2010 by Karolus Lerocq, the duo produced the No 1. Album “L’Unification Des Forces Opposantes,” which launched a new era in their line-up, with global touring and stage shows known for stirring audiences into a voodoo-esque frenzy, playing a diverse mixture of sets from their extensive catalogue.

Now with numerous albums, EPs, vinyls, collaborations and compilations to their credit, This Morn’ Omina continued to evolve musically with their 9th album “Kundalini Rising” released in 2016 taking them and us into musical realms never explored before.

Do you not know you are Gods?

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