Infest 2018: Valhall CONFIRMED!

We are excited to confirm that V▲LH▲LL will be performing live for us at Infest 2018

The project V▲LH▲LL was initiated early 2012 as a creative outlet for the Swedish duo. They initially decided to keep the project and not the people in focus, so chose to keep their identities hidden. V▲LH▲LL mixes genres but has a focus on Witch House, Neofolk and Dark Electronic.

Witch House, Neofolk and Dark Electronic

Various original tracks and remixes were released online at Soundcloud and YouTube during 2012. Then followed a couple of years of DIY EPs, remixes and collaborations before V▲LH▲LL got picked up by Artoffact Records and released their debut album “Leaning On Shadows” in November 2014. Praised by critics and fans, it earned them several top positions on album-of-the-year lists. The studio album was followed by a remix album “Shadow Tales” and a limited edition cassette and digital dark ambient EP “Shadows”.

During the following years V▲LH▲LL worked on their sophomore album but also released the digital EPs “Vi††ΞЯS†ЯåK” and “STΞNDHΛL”, as well as doing remixes for other artists and exclusive tracks for compilations.

up from the depths of the abyss…

In February 2018 their new album “Grimoire” crawled up from the depths of the abyss, again released on Artoffact Records. This album featured a guest contribution by Jessica Pimentel (Alekhine’s Gun and Maria Ruiz on OITNB) who plays the violin on the track “Ormens Offer”. The album comes as digital download, limited edition alternative artwork CD, and as an ultra limited green coloured vinyl.

A grimoire is a book of magical knowledge and such books have been in use since ancient times. The grimoire of V▲LH▲LL is inspired by knowledge and power from the ancient and the current, from the arcane and the technological. It serves to give the listener excerpts of fantasies and folklore, myths and truths, dreams and nightmares. Grimoire is a collection of electronic darkwave songs, wrapped in a coat of witchhouse and neofolk that V▲LH▲LL are well known for…

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