Infest 2018: DJ Announcement #4

DJ FRANKIE D is one of the UK scene’s most enduring figures, having set up Flag Promotions as far back as 1991. Aside from Infest, he’s probably the one person most responsible for bringing many of your favourite Industrial and EBM acts to the UK over the last 25+ years! He also DJ’s regularly at the legendary Slimelight Club, as well as Glasgow nights Stigmata, Asylum, Shadowplay and Club Tron. In the past he also ran the seminal Post Punk Fanzine ‘In The City’ and later set up one of the first Techno Clubs called ‘Eurobeat 2000’, and the infamous Electro Club ‘Electrogogo’ at Madame Jojo’s, both of which ran for many years. These days he resides in Glasgow where he continues to spread his eclectic web!

We’re very pleased to welcome back Udo Wiessmann for one of his famously blistering DJ sets this year! Udo founded the record label HANDS in 1990, one of the most important and well respected labels for electronic and Industrial music. Not only that, Udo also founded the pioneers of rhythm’n’noise WINTERKÄLTE in 1991. A real favourite with INFEST, having graced our stage twice, in 2002 and 2012. His kicking DJ sets offer pure energy from the wide ranging rhythm’n’noise to techno universe, mashed up with Industrial Music, EBM and more.

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