Infest 2018: DJ Announcement #6

We have EVEN MORE amazing DJs for you this year!

DJ Stefan Herwig

Before Stefan Herwig started to form the renowned Electronic Industrial record label DEPENDENT (breaking band like Covenant, VNV Nation, Suicide Commando, Seabound or Mind.In.A.Box) he was A&R for Offbeat (Front Line Assembly, Haujobb, Project Pitchfork…) and a well-respected main DJ in the Ruhr-Area, spinning music at the Infamous Sch8 Acht Parties in Marl, that attracted huge audiences until the venues was forced to close due to complaints of residents… His Favourite bands are Skinny Puppy, Click Click and KMFDM but he is also known to to spin cool electronic stuff not based in the core industrial or future pop scene…

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DJ Daniel Myer

This man is so prolific and significant in our music genres that it beggars belief. Haujobb, Architect, Destroid, a regular appearance with the Elektro All Stars. Oh and he happens to get up on stage with a band called Covenant, and this year his latest techno project Liebknecht.
Plus Rendered, and DSTR… and a new project with Krischan from Rotersand, called Radioaktivists.

Now Daniel Myer comes to Infest to take over the dance floor once and for all!

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… oh and THESE GUYS are back:

Underworld DJs Reunited!

For 15 years The Underworld was a thriving part of the alternative scene, attracting fans from across the UK every Friday to Manchester for a vibrant, fun night. Then 2 years ago a couple of Underworld DJ’s were persuaded to have another go!

Famed for their all-nighters, their love of playing requests and a habit of using more smoke than a Sisters of Mercy concert, they also featured on Channel 4’s The Girlie Show and had the occasional famous customer including Pulp’s Jarvis Cocker.

Mixing the old and new, the guitar and the electro, the obvious and the obscure… The Underworld crew were a leading light for playing artists that many in the UK had never heard of at the time, with a CD and merch stall of rare and weird imports long before internet shopping or streaming was happening, and hosting live shows by a wide range of scene favourites and newcomers.

Some people seem to enjoy their set at Infest 2016 so due too this limited popular demand they are back again to play a selection of groovy tunes!

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