Infest 2019: Rave The Reqviem CONFIRMED!

Rave The Reqviem was founded in 2011 by songwriter and producer Filip Lönnqvist aka “The Prophet”. The aim was to combine industrial metal with modern electronic music styles such as dubstep and drum ‘n’ bass, with melodic choruses. A polarised and bittersweet sound where mechanical darkness meets beauty and sentiment. This vision was clearly defined and manifested already in the first demo, which would lay the foundation of a truly unique sound.

The success of their genre-breaking, self-titled debut album propelled the band to headline tours in Eastern Europe and Russia, and festival appearances in Sweden and the UK.

RTR are known for each successive album surpassing last, which was once again proven by FVNERAL [sic], released on October 19th in 2018 via Out Of Line Music. Their new vocalist “The Seraph” links her versatile rock voice to the changeover of electronic vocals and shouts by The Prophet.

“A powerful hybrid of indvstrial metal and modern electronic mvsic, with majestic symphonic elements and explosive chorvses” – this is how Rave The Reqviem’s vocalist and mastermind “The Prophet” describes his mvsic and svmmarizes perfectly the band’s journey.

In 2019 Rave The Reqviem will play various festivals all over Europe, including the UK at Infest Festival.

The sky is the limit and they aim for nothing less!

Tickets for 2019 are on sale already and SELLING FAST! Head over to GIGANTIC to buy online.

Accommodation news coming soon…