Infest 2019: Accommodation ON SALE NOW!

We’re very pleased to confirm that we have secured use of the University’s Student Village (aka The Green) again this year and what’s more, the price is FROZEN at last year’s prices!

Same amazing low price!

Again we are offering either Townhouse rooms in blocks of 12 and En Suite flats in flats of 6. Don’t worry if you haven’t got a big group of friends for a whole block or flat, we will group you with fellow like-minded Infest-goers.

Group up with your friends!

If you are in groups, please agree a simple Group Name – use this when booking online via Gigantic. Example: “Leeds Rivetheads” or “Batclub” or whatever you can think of, just make sure your group all put the same thing…

Make Sure you have a consensus on whether you will all be picking Quiet rooms or not! This is really important to get right, please.

How many nights?

Last year we had a 4 day event and so we offered two packages: A 4 night option (Thurs, Fri, Sat, Sun) and a 3 night option (Fri, Sat, Sun) – check-out on Monday morning in both cases.

THIS YEAR we are offering the same 3 or 4 night options in case people want to come early. We are currently in discussions about a possible warm-up event on the Thursday night, but this is still “to be confirmed”.

Mobility Info

As always, if you have any specific mobility issues, please get in touch via Email and we will do our best to accommodate you. If you need a wheelchair accessible bathroom please book an En Suite room. Please note that the En Suite flats are accessed by a lift but the Townhouse buildings only have stair-access and no ground floor rooms (the kitchen is downstairs in the Townhouse blocks).

Quiet Please

Please note that due to proximity of summer-resident students we ask that you only book an En Suite room if you intend to be quiet, ie keep music and merriment to a polite level – thank you!


DON’T FORGET to bring bedding and towels with you. This is one of the ways we keep the cost super-low. More info on what is provided and more FAQ can be found here: Official Accommodation FAQ

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