Infest 2019: Bitman CONFIRMED!

Bitman is the brainchild of Paul Batchelor

After 20 years of making and performing electronic music it was time to create something purely fun and visually exciting.

8bit sounds and pop culture references as well as often-overlooked observations from the world permeate each track, making each piece of music unique.

A hyperactive stage show that is an audio/visual assault to the senses, full of colour, humour and interaction. We promise you won’t be disappointed!

Bitman is a live act.
…easy to set up in almost any environment.
…can be scaled for a small intimate show to a full on festival laser fest.

We like lasers!

An infectiously enjoyable set, gaining fans wherever he appears, due to his simple plain-entertaining approach.

The music incorporates many genres and yet isn’t tied to one:
Nods to chip tune, winks to hardcore techno, nudges to dubstep, plus some pretty brutal beats mixed with a whole lot of fun.

…and the fun is infectious!

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Festival tickets:

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