Infest 2019: Future Lied To Us CONFIRMED!

Future Lied To Us

A future that has never been

The future promised a lot to Vasi Vallis, Tom and Krischan, when they grew up in the 80’s dreaming of being musicians.

The new century, an overwhelmingly not-guilty, naive projection of visionary ideas. During that time they discovered themselves being musicians, failed, failed again, failed once more with beauty, built up, full of hope. Believing in a future that never was.

a collective without leader

Carried by their passion they formed Future Lied To Us. The gate for their unbroken optimism, their hope; the small time frame between the past and the future. Glittering, threatening, alluring, depressing but always new and close.

Deep down, still curious visionaries bound to explore the depths of our very existence. It’s not even necessary, to know who exactly is behind Future Lied To Us, but Vasi Vallis (Frozen Plasma / NamNamBulu), Tom Lesczenski (S.I.T.D.) and Krischan Wesenberg (Rotersand); are a collective without leader, bringing a huge amount of expertise and electronic intuition to the table…

All Star Project

These three could be termed an “all star project” or even a “super group”… but more importantly they are strong personalities with strong opinions and a strong will. Personalities who have nothing left to prove. Who are, each in their own right, responsible for the victorious march of dark, emotional, contemporary Electro. Every one of them a titan, an icon, a luminary.

Three talented sound-fiddlers united on one album. After the successful digital singles ‘Falling’ and ‘Born in silence’ they followed up with the first long player, ‘Presence’. 11 great songs which have it all from electro to synthypop for fans of electronic dance music. But presence is only the beginning – this album was one of the highlights of last year – the future promises more!

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