Infest 2020: KOLLAPS confirmed!

Equally as revered as they are an anathema to audiences worldwide, the oppressive noise wall crafted by Kollaps has cemented the band in the history books of industrial music. Kollaps’ live shows are known for their vehement and visceral nature, where their destructivist ideology manifests into self-mutilation.

Expect vitriolic and violent live performances

Australian post-industrialists KOLLAPS are a three piece creating a unique brand of primitive noise “intended for degenerates and outsiders”. The band’s distinctive primordial tones are created using appropriated waste materials like scrap metal, raw plastics and steel plates combined with blistering percussion, bass and vocals.

Found Sound

This is no empty “industrial” gesture, for the band this process of creation facilitates the literal use of postmodern society against itself. Mechanical Christ, the band’s sophomore release, is a conceptual continuation of its predecessor; Sibling Lovers. This release sees Kollaps further their exploration of the inherent societal sickness of our times, one that manifests itself in the debasement of individual morality. Themes of exploitation, vengeance, drug addiction, paranoia and slave labour are part of a dissonant, inverted morality play.

Life, Love & Death

Testament to the bands’ evolving conceptual depth are the overarching themes of love, life and death that offer a sense of shared experience in the discomfort of the universal human experience. Known for their violent and nihilistic stage performances, they combine a harsh clarity with a visceral and confrontational live act.

Be prepared for a journey into the desperation and lack of resolve that is both the crux of modern social ills, and at the very heart of the human condition.

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