Infest 2020: SCHEUBER Confirmed!

We are very pleased to announce the UK debut for Scheuber!

The reflective and more reserved half of the monumental electro-titan that is PROJECT PITCHFORK has his own sensual, melancholic sound experience with a calming and deep-reaching intensity.

Through his music and performance, Dirk Scheuber faces up to the insidious demons he faces within and without. His destructive adversaries and eternal opponents are confronted; not with stubbornness and aggression but with openness, love and thoughtfulness. Scheuber is a reflection of inner calm, prudence and mental strength.

Life is measured in moments

The 2019 album “Shades” is the third, immensely impressive solo excursion by Scheuber, which came hot on the heels of his debut “The Me I See” and its successor “Changes”. This beautiful album invites you to become introspective and motivates you to consciously reflect on yourself and mindfulness. It embodies the beginning of a heart-felt yet controlled journey into the stormy emotions of Scheuber, and compells you to look inside.

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“Smoker”, from the latest album “Shades”:

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More about the latest album:

‘Shades’ is truly a work of magic, driven by tireless, eruptive passion, fervour and devoted musing, which continuously captivates with its humility, gratefulness, moving poetry and awareness, as well as its romantic, seductive cascades of sound that are full of depth and substance.

With a certain pop appeal, ‘Shades’ winds through dreamlike synthpop realms, classic EBM and visionary darkwave. These twelve intimate snapshots, which begin with the driving, rising ‘Helium’ and which suddenly become completely liberated and disassociated, ending with the elegiac goosepimple-inducing number ‘Recaptured’, are just waiting to be heard.

Immense in every respect.

The closing number (along with the piece ‘Coloured Rays’) features the vocals of the extremely talented young singer Lilli Engelhardt, forming the perfect emotional vocal foil to Dirk Scheuber’s moving vocals.

The album is a story of rebirth and the liberating release that can be found, told through truly powerful compositions such as the hymnal, majestic ‘Smoker’, the enchanting, bewitching ‘Spirit’ plus the seemingly infinite ‘Move Mountains’.

Classic EBM and visionary Darkwave

Tireless, eruptive passion, fervor of devoted muses with humility and gratitude, poetry and insight as well as romantic and seductive sound cascades full of depth and substance. With a certain pop appeal, dreamy synth pop realms, classic EBM and visionary darkwave.

It’s an undisputed fact: ‘Shades’ is pure disengagement, absolute devotion and virtually a metamorphosis, reflecting the present and the authentic presence of a phenomenal Dirk Scheuber, who is fighting his personal darkness and who at the end succeeds in liberating his soul.

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“Human”, taken from Scheuber’s 2016 debut album “The Me I See”:

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