Infest 2020 STAY-IN-FEST: Are YOU ready for Saturday 29th August?!

OK, so you’ve seen the AWESOME bands and DJs who are coming to STAY-IN-FEST (there’s still more to be announced!) …but what have you done about making sure you can join in? For those that haven’t already been bitten by the online streaming bug during the lockdown, we’ve put this easy to follow “How To…” guide.

This isn’t like a regular festival. You don’t buy tickets, you don’t book accommodation or travel, but you DO need to get ready in advance.

Here’s how in THREE (3) Easy Steps

(I mean it, they are easy)

STEP 1 – Sign up to TWITCH and DISCORD

You need to make sure you know where to go to listen and join in. The info you need is all HERE: PLEASE make sure you’ve read that page. Make sure you’ve clicked the TWITCH and DISCORD links and signed up.
DISCORD: Install the phone app. Sign up. Add the INFEST server.
TWITCH: Visit the website, optionally install the phone or PC or Mac app. Create a login, FOLLOW our 3 streams. If you don’t follow them you won’t get the all-important alerts from our hosts/VJAYs.

STEP 2 – Make sure you can get music out of a TV, Computer or Phone

Ideally you’ll be in front of a 50k turbo sound rig in Bradford, but this time you’re going to be at home in your living room or back garden, bringing the INFEST vibe with you. You need to make sure you have rigged up a way to watch and listen. …If you roll up to IAMX and haven’t worked out how to watch Twitch, you’re going to feel pretty silly. Test it out NOW. Watch some old Twitch shows on our channels. Try listening to someone live streaming THIS WEEK or you might mess it all up.

STEP 3 – Tell your friends! 

Seriously, this is an important step in advance so you know who’s there to chat with. Plan your virtual meet-ups. Decide who’s going to see what. Plan together with your mates. Some of you might even setup a private Zoom call to get some face-time with your favourite buddies. Go for it! Get organised 🙂 Why not stick a post on Facebook NOW to see who else is joining in?  Check the INFEST ARMY Facebook Group while you’re there

…OK folks, get this done. Be ready. Don’t miss any of STAY-IN-FEST because you didn’t do the prep 😉

See you on the 29th August (that’s SATURDAY) 12noon-12midnight British Summer Time (BST)

Don’t be caught short!