Infest 2020 STAY-IN-FEST: Monya (DJ Set) CONFIRMED!

Exclusive set recorded for STAY-IN-FEST!

Berlin-based producer, remixer, Djane, live act and Corresponding Positions label boss, Monya is an inimitably diligent and authentic artist, and she’s not afraid to call her style what it is: Industrial techno.

Monya at Infest is a match made in heaven!

Originally from Poland, Monya has been part of the Berlin scene for over a decade now. Since 2009 with her hard work and determination she has seen a quick rise to fame through the techno scene. Seeing her perform alongside the most well known and respected artist with gigs in New York, Spain, France and all over the world is a testament to her prowess. Numerous appearances at Berlin’s iconic nightclub Tresor, and at the coolest underground parties.

Raw and ready bangers!

She shows her biggest passion to industrial techno but doesn’t let that limit her. Different approaches and experimental sounds are obvious in her live sets and with her enthusiasm for electronic music, she continuous to learn and grow every day. She’s found support from producers like Perc, Bas Mooy, Rebekah, Steve Stoll, Jeroen Search, Mike Parker on several of her own releases.

Now teamed up with HANDS Productions, “Straight Ahead” was released in September 2019 and is her second full length album, the first to be released physically, and it makes best use of the format. A milestone for the genre in its seemingly effortless combination of rhythmic force and sweeping sounds. There’s a clear techno aesthetic which we know you’ll appreciated!

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