Infest 2020 STAY-IN-FEST: Thank You!

Dear Infest fans,

…Well it was a totally different experience but Stay-In-Fest was pretty special!

We’d like to give a very big THANK YOU to everyone who tuned in and supported the event, and an extra special thanks to those that made it happen:

Firstly our brave hosts, Mark and Pete @ Karkasaurus, Lee and Tes @ Chaos Emergency Doof Broadcast Network and Matt @ Biomechanimal who volunteered their time and skills to make a marathon 12 hour stream over 3 channels a reality.

All of our participants for their very special sets and videos; IAM{X}, London After Midnight, Empirion, The Cassandra Complex, Zardonic, Cervello Elettronico, Mr.Kitty, Klack, Attrition, Berlyn Trilogy, Monya, Danny Blu, Ash Code, Lore, Normoria, Seeming, Kite and the Fitz Request Show.

Actors, Bootblacks, The Foreign Resort, Moaan Exis, Knight$, ESA, Empathy Test, Witch of the Vale, Promenade Cinema Grave Diggers Union and Zeitgeist Zero for taking the time to chat to Adam @ amodelofcontrol, DJ Brownie and Teresa Dead @ Zeitgeist Zero. Massive Ego and Erk from Hocico for the messages of support and a special mention for Chris Peterson telling us about Jeremy Inkel and his legacy.

Of course we must also give a heartfelt thank you to all the DJs for keeping the music pumping! JuDas, Matt Hart, Electric Dream, Emmanuel Pursuit, Gillywoo, Asylum Brian, Matt Monster Queen, Waltzing Cthulhu, Scott Durand, Doug, Mark Hex, Steven Fallout Shelter, Ali*, Zombie Chris, Traumahound, Nollipop and Terry Darklands of the Irish Takeover and FritZ, Anoxemia & Nachtraaf of the Dutch Corner, Katalamode, Reza and Nikita from Devout, and the Slimelight and their DJs for hosting the official after show party into the wee small hours this morning.

Thanks to the Infest Crew for being as supportive as ever – you guys rock!

Not only was it a fun time, it was a HUGE success as a fund raiser for our nominated charities; Beat:Cancer, Cure DM CIC and MIND the mental health charity. We are always blown away by the Infest family’s generosity and once again you smashed it! Over £6000 and still going.

The pages for DONATIONS and Stay-In-Fest T-SHIRTS are still open until 12noon Monday 31st August 2020, so you still have a chance to help out and grab a snazzy Stay-In-Fest shirt! Just go to:

Hopefully we can all come together next year in Bradford and do it FOR REAL – SEE YOU THERE!

Thank you,

The Infest Team