Infest 2023 – Wristband Exchange opens Thursday

Dear Infest ticket holders

Wristband Exchange

To help everyone get in to our new venue of St George’s Hall in a timely manner, we are asking WEEKEND ticket holders to visit our Wristband Exchange, before the event opens at 1900hrs on Friday 25th August.

It is not mandatory to do in advance, and wristband exchange will be possible on arrival at St George’s Hall, however if you can get your wristband early, please do.

You have Two Options

THURSDAY EVENING – Wristband Exchange will be open from 1800hrs until 2300hrs at Nightrain on Thursday 24th August. If you are attending the official warm-up event at Nightrain this is ideal.

FRIDAY AFTERNOON – Wristband Exchange will also be open from 1600hrs onwards at St George’s Hall on Friday 25th August. If you are not attending the warm-up but can get to the venue before doors at 1900hrs, this is your best option.

What to Bring

Please bring a printed copy of your eticket from Gigantic, with barcode clearly visible, to ensure a clear scan. We can in theory scan mobile devices / phone screens, but paper is more reliable.

If you have not yet downloaded your eticket provided by Gigantic, please do so now.

If you can’t login to your Gigantic account, try the forgotten password prompt or email Gigantic