Confirmed: Atari Teenage Riot!

We are from the internet… Where nobody knows your face… Or knows who you are…

Founded as an attack on the Neo-Nazi subculture by fusing hardcore punk views with German techno. The band toured with Wu-Tang Clan, Rage Against The Machine, Nine Inch Nails, Ministry, Moby and Beck.

Alec Empire’s speed-thrash guitar playing malevolence, paired with Endo’s painful skronk creates a fierce white noise squall.

Their moshing, screaming audiences allegedly lead to iTunes censoring them on the grounds that their music would cause a riot!

Their Black Flags video went viral, taken up by Anonymous whose members and supporters sent in clips from the Occupy Wall Street protests in 2011. Remixes, mash ups and alternate versions created by fans to represent their own dissatisfaction proliferated and captured the mood so accurately it was played in a CNN broadcast to summarise the zeitgeist behind Anonymous’ cyber attacks.

The NME said:

“Few bands have ever detonated as powerfully in the underground as Atari Teenage Riot. Put simply, they were the conscience of electronic music. They were a band that sounded the way you always wanted The Prodigy to sound. A band akin to Black Flag if that outfit had existed in an age where every home had a computer. And their influence burned big and bright.”


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