Confirmed: Pop Will Eat Itself!

Iconically named, genre defying, hugely influential and a brilliant live act.

Pop Will Eat Itself v2.0 are:

  • Graham Crabb (original drummer, later co-frontman/vocalist & main songwriter)
  • Mary Byker (Gaye Bykers On Acid, Apollo 440, Pigface)
  • Tim Muddiman (Gary Numan & his own band The Strange)
  • Jason Bowld (Bullet For My Valentine, Killing Joke, Pitchshifter)
  • Davey Bennett (This Burning Age)

Always politically and socially aware, railing against greed, racism and the fall of democracy.

Dark, heavy and every bit as intense and energetic as ever they are settling into a more Industrial Rock vibe, as opposed to their Alt/Rock origins.

Stealing ideas from almost every genre, hip-hop beats and rave-culture’s anthemic swells, the energy and attitude of punk, metal riffing and the big bass sound of reggae and post-punk.

We are thrilled to welcome these legends onto the Infest stage!

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Click here to book your festival tickets.