Infest 2017: Vampyre Anvil CONFIRMED!

Taking a dark path to redemption!

Spinning a moodier and deeper take on the industrial dance music both artists are known for, Vampyre Anvil is Jason Novak (Cocksure, Acucrack, Acumen Nation) & Sean Payne (Cyanotic, Rabbit Junk).

Culling the sounds of past projects, their debut album “Tetsuo” was written and produced in 2016. Featuring a dual vocal delivery from Novak & Payne, their sound can be crushing yet heartbreaking, delivering punishing rhythms, grinding synths and lyrical themes of emotional dystopia. They delve into grimy territories with a pitch-dark, oppressive atmosphere.

Veering between a cyber-infested Skinny Puppy and metal tinged hip-hop beats.

A crushing style infused with catchy rhythms and melodies and skilful sound sculpting. The beats are distorted but there is a tuneful groove, making it danceable, and even enjoyable, despite the looming darkness.

Vampyre Anvil is a hybrid creature

An unashamedly contemporary industrial act, combining complex old school elements with dance floor friendly industrial and a twist of metal and digital hardcore.

This is going to be a treat!

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