Infest 2017 – First 3 DJs CONFIRMED!

It won’t be long before August is upon us! You’ve seen the live acts we’re hosting this year, but that’s by no means the whole story of Infest Festival. Once we’ve cleared the synths and drums from the stage you still have HOURS of banging music to enjoy!

Our first 3 DJs confirmed for this year’s show are:

DJ SKULLSCRAPER, AKA Dirk Ivens! Scene legend and hero of Belgian EBM and Noise, we make no secret of our respect for Dirk. Expect some very cool tracks and a busy dancefloor. We’re hoping he’ll bring us a slice of 80s underground retro and MORE!

DJ BIGNICKB. Stalwart of Manchester’s Alt clubs, with a long history and a wide repertoire. Having guested or resided at Rubberclad Battlefield, Exit 80’s, Club Lash, Analogue Trash, Black Planet, Sin City, Elektrode, Ara… Nick is guaranteed to have something for you!

DJ KATALAMODE. A Musician, Producer and DJ who understands the alt-electronic scene across the UK and mainland Europe. She is just as comfortable throwing down a new wave set of Berlin-style industrial techno, as she is bass-heavy beats for the harder alternative dance scenes.

…more DJ news to follow!

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