All the way from From Vancouver in Canada, ACTORS electrify with a modern take on post-punk.

On their debut full-length “It Will Come to You”, anthemic songs evoke the urgency of early-80’s U2 (Boy, October, War) as well as the driving, synth drenched scores that emanated from the era’s movie screens. As the online music magazine puts it, the band conjures:

“cinematic new-wave… that belongs on a Michael Mann soundtrack.”

Frontman Jason Corbett’s rich vocals command with all the passion of a young Bono and the coolness of Peter Murphy. Songs like “L’appel du Vide”, “Slaves”, “Face Meets Glass” and “Bury Me” are absolute bangers that glisten from Corbett’s production job. Slamming beats propel warm layers of synth, guitar, and vocals. Corbett writes, produces, mixes, and masters all ACTORS music at his own Vancouver studio, Jacknife Sound.

David Bowie is a fundamental influence. Bowie’s sense of confidence and creativity are in full effect on “It Will Come to You”.

Much more than a “retro” act, this is music that stands all on it’s own, full of life and unforgettable hooks. Perhaps best described as a “post post-punk” band, ACTORS belongs in the discussion alongside bands of today like Editors, The Soft Moon and Cold Cave who are pushing music forward via a deep knowledge of the past.

Corbett has also been quoted as saying he was raised on the classic era of Roadrunner and Earache death metal! While these bands are nowhere to be found in ACTORS’ sound, the intensity and perfection displayed on “It Will Come to You” befits a former metalhead. Bassist Jahmeel Russell is an ex-member of metallic noise-rockers KEN mode and their predecessors in the Winnipeg scene, Kittens.

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