Infest 2018: Yura Yura CONFIRMED!

Finally this is his UK debut that noise fans have been begging for!

The highly talented Grégory Mousselle from Dijon in France has made himself a name for live performances (featuring Macha Mélanie). He was previously known for playing guitar and bass in cold wave and post-punk bands. His electronic music project was born in 2009 and signed to the German industrial label HANDS in 2013…

Yura Yura

As YURA YURA he released his debut album “Be Sexual” which attracted a huge amount of attention and lead to a number of significant festival appearances. The sound on “Be Sexual” is his interpretation of rhythm’n’noise: a kind of minimal and repetitive electronic music, composed of bouncy, catchy rhythms and haunting abrasive atmospheres.

You can clearly hear Yura Yura’s roots in the old school tribal, rhythmic noise scene…

techno, old school industrial, tribal, Rhythm’N’Noise

In his last release “Rumu Namba”, Yura Yura strikes back and shows his evolution to dark and danceable sound territories, between techno, old school industrial, tribal while retaining the signature rhythm’n’noise. Tracks like “Eko” and “Shamdead” have made it into the DJ sets of the best industrial events, and his last performance at Maschinenfest 2017 was pure energy incarnate!

…get ready for this!

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