Infest 2018: Siva Six CONFIRMED!

Siva Six is Z on vocals and U-RI on keyboards.

A heavy touring schedule has seen them perform alongside a who’s who of the dark alternative, Industrial, EBM and metal scenes, including: Type O Negative, Front 242, Soman, Grendel, Theatre Of Tragedy, Apoptygma Berzerk, Pansonik, Die Krupps, Hocico, SITD and many more.

Hailing from Athens in Greece, Siva Six are a dark electro-industrial act. They signed to Italy’s Decadance Records and in April 2005 released their debut album “Rise new Flesh”. Their sophomore album was titled “Black Will” and was released the following year in 2006…

First Greek band to reach number 1 in the Italian Alternative Charts

Moving to Belgium’s Alfa Matrix label in 2011 for their third album “The Twin Moons”, having already secured distribution in Asia/Pacific territories via Death Watch Asia, Siva Six release their big hit “Valley of the Shadows” as well as a much loved cover of the Blade Runner main theme.

unique sound

Listen out for their collaborations with the famous Greek avant-garde composer Chris Antoniou for the orchestral, classical parts on all of their albums – a sound which is very much an integral part of the unique sound of Siva Six.

In 2013 they released the “Superstition” EP, again on Alfa Matrix, which quickly topped their Spotify and Last.FM top-tracks, followed by a memorable performance at Wave Gotik Treffen in Leipzig in 2014.

Now FINALLY in 2018 Siva Six will make a welcome return to the UK, after their debut at the much missed “Dark City” show in Edinburgh back in 2007!

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