Infest 2019: OHMelectronic CONFIRMED!

OHMelectronic is a Canadian electro-industrial duo consisting of producer Chris Peterson (Decree, FLA, Delerium) and electronic musician Craig Joseph Huxtable (Landscape Body Machine, Noise Unit) While both artists have been fixtures of Vancouver’s storied electronic music scene for decades, they have both been on distinct paths of their own until now…

electro-industrial pioneers

Best known for his work with Frontline Assembly, Chris Peterson has been a prolific producer/programmer for over 2 decades with an international reputation for his body of work that includes Will, Decree, Delerium, and Unit 187.

Craig Joseph Huxtable is best known in electronic circles as Landscape Body Machine, a dynamic live electronic act with a career spanning many albums and tours, collaborations, video games and film soundtracks.

Exclusive track!

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OHMelectronic ‘Disarmed’ streaming exclusively for Infest fans!

“Disarmed is a powerful dancefloor smasher, alive with throbbing modulars, driving baselines and features live drums by Galen Waling (Lords of Acid, PIG).

The song is about losing your will in a vituperative world and the subsequent fighting back for control.” – Craig Huxtable

Early collaborations and debut:

Becoming friends and admirers of each other’s work, they joined forces in 2005 on Noise Unit’s 2005 album “Voyager”. Here the first seeds of Ohm were sown, and the possibilities discovered. The two were brought together again in 2006 when Craig was asked to join Frontline Assembly and replaced Rhys Fulber on their 2006 North American tour. All the while, Huxtable and Peterson talked of a project featuring just the two of them that would push their music beyond its current boundaries. There was a common thread about getting together and making this album of songs they wanted to hear based on their mutual love of certain dark electronic musical aesthetics…

Not content to simply do what was done before, over the next two years Chris and Craig worked to develop a whole new chapter in Vancouver’s storied electro-industrial sound. The results of
those efforts eventually became their critically acclaimed debut self-titled album “Ohm” and was released on ArtofFact Records in October 2013. The album has been met with rave reviews making dozens of “Best of 2013” lists and has been called “timeless” and a “classic” by all that have heard it.

In June 2014, Ohm debuted their live show at the Terminus Festival in Calgary to rave reviews, signaling the world that OHM is not just a studio powerhouse project but a diverse live act that is ready to conquer stages worldwide.

In 2017, Ohm released a new powerful single and video “Uppercut”, a song perfectly suited for these dark times that takes the band’s sound in a heavier musical direction. Ohm followed this
up with their first live concerts in Europe at Wave Gotik Treffen and in Prague, sharing stages with Skinny Puppy, The Revolting Cocks and others before returning home to support Severed
Heads in Vancouver, and Attrition in Victoria.

Latest news:

In 2018, Craig and Chris announced that they had decided to evolve the name of the band to from OHM to OHMelectronic. “We believe that by making our name even more unique” said Huxtable in an interview with release magazine “It will enable our fan base, new and old, to find us on social media and streaming platforms with much more ease.”

The band re-signed with ArtofFact Records for their sophomore album and will be unleashing a brand-new full-length on February 22, 2019 simply called “OHMelectronic”.

2 exciting new music videos will be released coinciding with record launch, “Everything is Gone” and “Undone”, featuring videos by regular OHM collaborators Joey Chaos (Uppercut) and Geoffrey Mark (When Robots Fuck).

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Festival tickets:

Tickets for 2019 are on sale already and SELLING FAST! Head over to GIGANTIC to buy online.

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