INFEST 2024 – Xotox confirmed!

Xotox: Uncompromising Sound

We hope that this year the Industrial Gods of Travel ™ will smile on Xotox!

When Futurepop dominated the dance floors and the scene without exception, XOTOX hit the nerve of the times with its new, very own sound.

To this day, XOTOX is considered to be the creator of his very own sound, which has served as an inspiration to many and he is known for refreshing and re-establishing his sound with every release. This uncompromising sound and his ability to implement it live gave him live performances all over the world, each time leaving a more than satisfied audience.

The Xotox back catalogue

The distorted beats of the debut album “Lichtlos”, with the smash hit “Eisenkiller”, brought the clubs to a boil and catapulted XOTOX to the top of the international DJ playlists in the winter of 2003/2004 and – as the first industrial act ever – to the top position the German Alternative Charts (DAC).

The EP “Die Unruhe” (2004) and the subsequent album “[PSI]” (2005) consolidated XOTOX’s status as an exceptional artist. A live album followed in 2006 with “Documentation 1: Ton” and “In den Zehn Morgen” (2008) again reached number 1 on the DAC. After a split album and two re-releases, “Schwanengesang” was released in 2013, an album that was characterized by its rough and dark sound and was complemented by “Redux” (2014), an exclusive add-on on 12″ vinyl.

With “Essentials” a cross-section of his work to date was presented in 2016, showing all the stations and publications since his debut. Enriched with previously unreleased and therefore exclusive demo versions from the relevant periods, as well as new remixes that show the tracks in a new guise, “Essentials” can definitely be seen as a reference work for the entire genre.

In January 2019, the EP “silent shout” showed that XOTOX can do both “silent” and “shout”. Between rhythm and noise, cold beats and wall of sound, XOTOX describes its very own world in a skillfully dark and uncompromising way.

In June 2019, “Paleodisco”, XOTOX’s first purely digital release, brings the groove to the clubs. The EP’s hit “Silent Shout” has five remixes, two
Club mixes and as a bonus a remix of “I dream only beautiful nightmares”.

“UFO” was released in January 2020 as a digital single and as a precursor to the new album. In addition to the title track, there is a bonus instrumental version of “We have destroyed reality” and remixes of the title track.
Preceeding the album “Yesterday” being released on May 8th, 2020, another digital single was be released. On “Sorgenkind” XOTOX skilfully exploits one of his great strengths: he gives electronic music a soul.

“Gestern”, the debut album on Infacted Recordings, is released as a 2CD long player. On “Yesterday” XOTOX sounds mature, grown and musically complex. The typical industrial sound has remained and has been enriched with “snatches of language”, sometimes danceable, sometimes to immerse yourself in the depths of the sound network. Pure electronics far away from standards and typical genre schemes. As a bonus, the double CD contains the complete (!) single “UFO” as well as additional, exclusive remixes and songs.
“Yesterday” is described as “the sound of the future” by the Belgian magazine Side-Line and reaches number 3 in the DAC.

In January 2021, all albums released up to that point were re-released digitally as Extended Versions.

“Forever” was released as a digital EP on March 26th, 2021 and offers five new tracks.
In July 2021, “Ultima I+II”, probably the most intensive retrospective to date, was released as a 2CD double pack in two different eco-digi files with postcard and sticker.

In March 2022, a cover version of the electro classic “Popcorn” was released as a digital single.

The digital single entitled “Living and Dying for Music from Strom” was released on May 27, 2022. The single reached number 14 in the GEWC (German Electronic Web Charts) and number 3 in the DAC (German Alternative Charts).

Another digital single was released on Infacted Recordings on January 20th, 2023. Insight reached number 13 in the GEWC (German Electronic Webcharts)

On May 5th, 2023, “The Flow of the World” was released as a digital single
Infacted Recordings. “The Current of the World” reached number 17 in the DAC (German alternative charts).

On June 28, 2023, the album I’m there/I work as a CD, download and stream was released by Infacted Recordings. The album reached number 1 in the DAC (German Alternative Charts) and number 4 in the GEWC (German Electronic Webcharts).

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