INFEST 2024 – The Royal Ritual confirmed!

The Royal Ritual is stepping out of the studio and into the live arena in 2024

The Royal Ritual is stepping out of the studio and into the live arena in 2024, coinciding with the release of sophomore album Pleasure Hides Your Needs. The album, due for release on May 24th via AnalogueTrash, takes the dark, industrial roots of debut album MARTYRS into more melodic, introspective realms. InFest 2024 will be The Royal Ritual’s first in-person performance at the festival, but the premiere of the debut single/video Pews In A Pandemic aired on 2021’s Stay-in-Fest.


The Royal Ritual is the dark/industrial project of internationally renowned music producer and sound designer David Lawrie. It was born just before the Covid-19 Pandemic. Initially, due to various lockdowns, the project was a studio- based affair, with the debut album MARTYRS being produced in complete isolation in Lawrie’s private studio in Northern California – the final project to be completed there before relocating to the UK.

Blending harsh synthetic tones; dark, percussive sound design; and traditional world instruments, a new industrial landscape was being forged in The Royal Ritual, and the debut release was well received by the press and goth/industrial music communities.

The Royal Ritual was tasked with remixing the title track of IAMX’s 2023 album Fault Lines1, with the piece being featured on the EP of the same name, released ahead of the album.

Lawrie is joined on stage by guitarist Dan Kentley, of RSJ fame.


“Epic in every meaning of the word”
-Auxiliary Magazine

“A masterpiece. One of the most original industrial recordings we’ve heard in a long time!”
-Luminous Dash

***** “Incredible”
-Darker Side Of Music

“An epic album, taking the listener on a haunting, provocative journey”
-Lyrically Speaking


David Lawrie is an internationally renowned music producer and sound designer. Classically trained on the piano from the age of 7, he began exploring the tech side of music in his teenage years.

After gaining a distinction award upon completing his Master’s degree in Music Production from Leeds Conservatoire (previously Leeds College Of Music), he went on to produce for independent artists in the UK, Europe, and the USA. His experimental nature has seen him working in genres spanning from folk and pop, all the way to goth and industrial. This is genre-spanning career is reflected in the blending of strong ear-worm hooks with abstract, heavy arrangements, and traditional instrumentation in The Royal Ritual. Notable associated artists include IAMX, CocoRosie, London After Midnight, Simrit, and others.

As a multi-instrumentalist, with a fascination with unusual world instruments, synthesisers, and sound design, his unique arrangements and production style have attracted the imagination of artists and filmmakers alike. His compositions have been used in nature documentaries (notably the award-winning “Of Shark and Man”), horror shorts, and art installations, as well as television shows around the world. As an award winning sound designer, he has lead and executed audio post production for a wide variety of films – feature length and short.


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