INFEST 2024 – Kollaps confirmed!

Kollaps harsh post-industrial music

Equally as revered as they are an anathema to audiences worldwide, the oppressive noise wall crafted by Kollaps has cemented the band in the history books of industrial music. Kollaps’ live shows are known for their vehement and visceral nature, where their destructivist ideology manifests into self-mutilation, vitriolic, and violent live performances.

All the way from Melbourne Australia

Until The Day I Die was Kollaps’ third LP for Cold Spring Records. The record released in June 2022, is a merciless and visceral assault on the senses and continues the trajectory of the band’s idiosyncratic approach in their creation of sound.

Until The Day I Die is an uncompromising force of harsh post-industrial music narrated by overarching themes of condemnation and redemption; violence, romanticism, sexuality, and addiction. Much of the creation and lyrical conceptualisation of the record has been stylised and presented by the use of William S. Burroughs’ cut-up method.

A wide variety of metals and raw materials were used in the creation of the album including metal grates, a rusted hoist, cement cylinders, field recordings, hammering of various decrepit objects, broken amplifiers, an exposed reverb tank, various synthesizers, and the infamous metal coil; a crudely self-constructed artifice that has become iconic in its use across Kollaps’ triptych of releases and lengthy touring history in Europe, Australia and New Zealand.

Until The Day I Die had a tectonic shift in production methods compared to its predecessors and was entirely written, recorded and mixed internally in a self-constructed studio above the sculpture museum of Mario Bernasconi in Lugano, Switzerland.

Back catalogue

There’s a small map of releases that have gotten us up to this point. Kollaps began life with the Heartworm EP, a post-punk indebted and industrial inspired four track release. They quickly swapped industrial ambiguity for a factory floor of noise with the debut album that followed, Sibling Lovers. Its driving mix of down tuned bass, repetitive mechanical rhythms, and under-production being a defining statement of post-industrialised intent. Then came Mechanical Christ, an album which marked a professional leap (including the signing with premier industrial label, Cold Spring) and produced a handful of fan favourite tracks for the band.

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