INFEST 2024 – Dancing Plague confirmed!

Dancing Plague

Portland, Oregon’s DANCING PLAGUE makes broodingly intense but surprisingly emotional dark electronic music. Since the solo project’s inception in 2015, Dancing Plague has released four albums and four EPs, solidifying them in the world of darkwave and body music.

They recently played their first European tour, opening with a captivating performance at the packed Felsenkeller as part of Wave Gotik Treffen 2024. Now they’re coming back to the UK for their first show at INFEST FESTIVAL.

Expect inconsolable vocals and hard beats, with soaring strings and incredibly catchy hooks.

Broodingly Intense

“Dancing Plague has carved a niche in the dark and cold electronic music scene. Over the years, the act has become a stalwart presence, etching its mark with a distinctive fusion of EBM, goth, industrial, and synth genres. [They’re new album] Elogium stands as the fifth testament to his artistic evolution, wherein Knowles continues to refine and elevate his unique brand of crushing darkwave.”
Furio Magazine

“”Fading Forms” is the lead single from Dancing Plague’s forthcoming LP titled “Elogium” (3/22 on Avant! Records) and it finds Conor Knowles’ Portland-based project bringing the synthetic throb across damn near 5 mins of pleasingly pulsated and deviously dark_waving EBM.”
– Screaming for Years


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