INFEST 2024 – more DJs announced!

Bunker 13, Leeds
DJs Miss Plastik and D-Ject

Born in 2006, Bunker 13 is one of the UK’s longest running industrial and EBM club nights having just celebrated its 18th birthday.

Based in Leeds and female run by the well known DJs Miss Plastik and D-Ject, sometimes known as Team Lee. Guest appearances include Black Sheep, Skin Two, Revolution, Dark-Cide and Nightmare to name a few. You’ll hear a mix of old and new music but you can guarantee it will be noisy and dancey!


Club Stigmata from Glasgow, Manchester & London is ready to bring their special blend to a dance floor near you.

Their aim is to blend together the best in EBM/Synthpop/Future pop goth/post punk altogether in one set where it caters for all the dance floor new/old with a few classic tracks thrown in. We welcome all to come and dance and party with us.
With over 35 years experience in the music promotion and DJ industry Frank Drake puts his stamp on it and together with Mark Walker who has a synth pop/goth archive to fill a shop from the 80s to the current day it works very well. With there banter on stage it feels like they are part of the dance floor and after fantastic recent shows with MESH Manchester & Glasgow Aftershow parties, they have been getting great feedback on how well they gel together as Dj Team!


Mark Hex was inspired to start making a racket around 2000, after picking up Big Black’s ‘Pigpile’ at a wee CD shop in Ayr, Scotland.
Most of his output since has been indebted to Steve Albini. And the rest of it will be too.
Therefore, in between his usual mix of gothic gloom, general darkness and punk, Mark will dedicate a good amount of his set to Steve’s unparalleled discography, both as an engineer and noisemaker.

Here’s a recent mix he did at one of his regular Twitch broadcast, ‘The Good, The Goff and Thee Almost Goff‘.

Black Planet, Manchester.

Nick arrived in Manchester in 1989 with a pocketful of dreams; one was to introduce the city to Industrial / EBM music as few seemed to know about it.

The name he came up with for his new night was Rubberclad Battlefield… It seemed appropriate because he had read about nights like Torture Garden and I could see how fitting it would be alongside the militaristic / post apocalyptic image of EBM.

It all started in pubs; The Eagle Hulme, the Boatman’s home, Castlefield, a few illegal flat parties in the notorious Hulme Crescents and then he decided to record a live mix to showcase the largely unknown bands like Skinny Puppy, Nitzer Ebb and Front 242. Tapes were distributed and well received.

A chance meeting landed him the upstairs room at the Banshee club for Exit 80’s, this was a turning point for the Manchester scene. After a period of hiatus, Nick landed guest slots at Sin City, Analogue Trash, Club Lash and in time would co-create Black Planet. Nick has also held a residency at Arab, and more recently Manchester’s Delete Yourself.

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