INFEST 2024 – First DJs announced!

Our first DJ announcements for 2024


After moving to the Netherlands, Dj Vidma found herself at the heart of Europes underground electronic music scene. She began to hone her skills and experiment with a unique combination of traditional melodies and modern electronic beats, fostering cross-cultural connections and breaking down barriers. She emerges from the intersection of cultures and has transformed her diverse heritage into a sonic journey that knows no boundaries. Dj Vidma made her debut in the Nederlands of Unterwasser in Leiden. She was a member of the techno team in the first edition of Gemengd Douchen in Den Haag.
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FritZ is resident and host at dark dance event UNTERWASSER and is one of the brains behind the Gemengd Douchen multi genre rave. FritZ grew up on a diet of heavy guitar riffs, dark sultry voices, industrial synths, stroboscopes and the loudest kicks which made him develop a wide affinity with different styles of music. Since he gets most of his inspiration from the tunes he himself loves to dance to, any dark and harsh sound is usually his way to go. Active since 2006, FritZ spins from EBM to techno, darkwave to witchhouse, neofolk to power noise and electro to industrial. You can not only find him in clubs and festivals locally, but international as well. He had appearances at the German WGT, Infest festival UK, Castlefest in the Netherlands and Castleparty in Poland.
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Focuses on bleeding edge new songs, mixing in a variety of pop, techno, industrial, and pretty much whatever grabs his fancy, as long as it’s underground, dark, sexy, strange dance music. He tries to keep the tempo, sound, and feel of his sets varied, and wants to make sure that while the crowd has fun they hear music they don’t know. And after 10 years running Corrosion in Boston we think he’s doing something right
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Introducing DJ Spindles from Manchester, UK. If you’re from the North West of England you may know him from his previous residencies at Space City, Maxines’s and Rock Kitchen. Playing an eclectic mix of rock, metal, eighties, alternative and goth. Currently with a residency at Manchester’s Club Lash where he entertains guests with his cheeky combinations! With over 30 years of DJ experience under his belt, you can expect the unexpected from his set’s!
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Pushing the boundaries between the Dark Alternative Dance Genres. It is primarily melody that bridges the gap between genres and defines the unique sound of Nachtraaf as a DJ. Since 2013, Nachtraaf has been giving DJ showcases in café De Vinger to provide young, talented DJs with a stage and airtime. All are under the umbrella of The New Industrial Generation. After playing in 2012, Nachtraaf got a taste for it and mobilized several people around him who still perform everywhere and organize events. In addition to performances and live streams in Nachtraaf’s own country, where Nachtraaf hosted the Blacksun Corp. event and Gotikus Industrialis, traces have been found on the UK Infest festival, Summer Darkness Festival, The German Mera Luna festival, Japan, and Dark Asylum Radio.
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Nathan Nothing organises the Work! (To Live) electronic body music night in north London, which regularly features international live acts, and the Dancing and Laughing post-punk and synth club. The latter actually started in Manchester in 2012, lasting less than two years, then reappearing in online form during the pandemic. Earlier still, Nathan Nothing organised Finsternis in Edinburgh, a monthly event specialising in dark ambient and ethereal music, which ran from 2002 to 2005. In recent years, Nathan Nothing has appeared at a variety of London nights, such as Bedsitland, Reformation and Dead and Buried, plus two guest slots at Bristol’s No Alternative and a long overdue return to Edinburgh for Shadowplay.
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