Infest 2019: Music Industry Press Release

We are proud to announce the 21st edition of the UK’s premier festival of Industrial, EBM, Synthpop, Darkwave and Noise.

Started by a group of Student friends back in 1998 and now a well respected, internationally recognised specialist music festival, hosted at Bradford University in West Yorkshire, this event continues to showcase a host of Alternative electronic artists, each August bank holiday weekend.

Featuring genre-defining and well respected acts from the world of electro-industrial and dark electronic music, from the 1980s to the present day, festival goers are treated to artists from all over the globe. With acts from as far away as Canada, the USA, Venezuela and Australia, not to mention the UK, France, Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, Slovenia, Iceland, Sweden and more.

Customers come to the show for the chance to see some very significant acts, alongside new talent. Artists perform on an impeccably run stage in intimate surroundings, managed by a well respected production crew that rightly has a great reputation and a waiting list of bands wanting to perform, year on year.

As well as the live bands, Infest hosts DJs from across the globe, including local music scene DJs and big club headline names, known across the world. During the day on Saturday and Sunday there is a busy alternative market inside the venue, featuring traders and manufacturers of clothing, apparel and music; from PVC and latex to corsets and neon clubwear. Music stalls offer the chance to browse CDs and Vinyl, which has become a dying art in the online age. Bring your pennies to spend in the market; you won’t be disappointed!

Infest generates large charity donations year on year to organisations such as Guide Dogs, MIND and cancer charities. Prize donations come from performing artists, sponsors such as Storming The Base, Barr’s Soft Drinks, Jaegermeister and others. Cash donations come from ticket holders and guests. Recent donations can be seen here: 2018, 2017, 2016.

Get your tickets via Gigantic. Weekend tickets are £70+booking fee with group deals available. If you can’t attend the whole show, then day tickets are available too. On-site accommodation in the University Student Village is almost SOLD OUT. Local hotels still have some vacancies. All the information you need about logistics, tickets, artists and more is available on the official festival website:

To find out more, join the official Infest mailing list:

Full Lineup

Facebook Cover Photo INFEST 2019

Nitzer Ebb, She Wants Revenge, Zardonic, Dive, Dirk Ivens, Light Asylum, Ancient Methods, Future Lied To Us, Kaelan Mikla, Sulpher, Rave the Reqviem, Torul, Ohm, OhmElectronic, Cacophoneuses, Noire Antidote, Ded.Pxl, Landscape Body Machine, Bitman, Witch Of The Vale,

Confirmed acts this year include

Nitzer Ebb

The UK’s seminal EBM heroes Nitzer Ebb, who formed back in 1982. Label mates of Depeche Mode and inspiration for a host of techno and industrial acts, with their heavy electro funk sound. Nitzer Ebb have recently reformed and are taking the scene by storm once more with their kinky, totalitarian imagery and pounding beats. Their reformation comes with a recent re-release of a thorough compilation of their work entitled “Body of Work” on Mute Records . Read more:

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She Wants Revenge

Los Angeles based danceable darkwave duo, She Wants Revenge are known for their shadowy, sexed-up blend of synth rock and intense vocals. With their mix of guitars and endemic synthesisers this is a real piece of post-punk disco. Formed in 2005, the band is comprised of Justin Warfield (vocals, guitar, keyboards) and Adam Bravin (bass, keyboards).

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Zardonic aka Federico Ágreda Álvarez is a multi-talented award-winning keyboardist, DJ, composer, producer and remixer. A genre-defying force that relentlessly pushes all the boundaries and standards of the mainstream and underground scenes. Glitch hop, breakbeat, electro house, dubstep, drum & bass, hardcore techno with shredding metal guitars and commanding vocals. He’s remixed the crème de la crème Industrial rock pioneers Nine Inch Nails, Billboard top charters Pop Evil, Norwegian black metallers Gorgoroth, Ukranian pop rockers Semargl and Japanese metalcore revelation Crossfaith to name but a few.

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Dirk Ivens

Belgian electronic pioneer Dirk Ivens, known for his work with Sonar, Absolute Body Control, Blok 57, S/HE and ex-singer of The Klinik, celebrates 30 years of his solo project DIVE with a best of tour. 3 decades of dark minimalist Electro-art performances, armed with a megaphone and backing tape. 3 decades, one man project, less means more, no strobes; no show. Besides Dirk’s musical outputs he’s a stalwart of the Belgian scene and hugely respected in the world of Industrial music, who also finds the time to run not one but two labels: Daft Records and Minimal Maximal, concentrating on Electro/EBM/Wave releases, with a fine mixture of well known and newcomer bands.

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Light Asylum

At once brutal and romantic, Light Asylum exists in the space where Industrial gives way to Goth, where Synthpop meets the outer regions of Darkwave, under the cover of night. Calling Brooklyn-based founder and producer Shannon Funchess a commanding vocalist is an understatement; there is a heaviness and urgency in her cathartic vocal delivery that is downright spellbinding. This is contemporary darkwave to a tee, that comes to life during their revered live performances.

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Ancient Methods

Ancient Methods is the project of Michael Wollenhaupt. Famed for his Berlin techno body music DJ sets and live performances at all night parties in some of the worlds best known yet underground clubs, Wollenhaupt is very hot property. As well as obvious influences such as wave, EBM, industrial, he also brings classical, liturgical, psychedelic and folk music into the techno frame.

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After nearly a decade touring the planet as members of The Prodigy, Marilyn Manson, Gary Numan and The Jesus & Mary Chain, Sulpher have finally regrouped and are back. Their latest album ’No one Will Ever know’ is a distinctly gritty and unique style of industrial alternative rock. Paying homage to legends such as Nine Inch Nails, Filter and Rob Zombie, while mixing the experimental sounds of such groups as Medicine and The Chemical Brothers.

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Kaelan Mikla

Kaelan Mikla are Iceland’s creepy, gothed-out and ethereal synth-witches, whose songs erupt into immersive post-punk brilliance that harkens back to the 1980s Batcave era. A dark, icy sound vouched for by goth godfather Robert Smith himself. Hot on the heels of their shows at Roadburn festival, Meltdown, and The Cure’s 40th Anniversary show last year, Kaelan Mikla are set to take their place as one of the darkest aural poets on the world stage.

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Also appearing at Infest Festival in 2019

Future Lied to Us

Rave The Reqviem




Noire Antidote


Landscape Body Machine


Witch of the Vale

Full lineup